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Dr. Toy's Best 2013[Browse other products in this catalog]Amazing WorldAge Range6y - 12yPrice$12.00PhoneIntroduction2012TypesDoll, Internet/Virtual, Multimedia, Other, Plush Toy, Toy

World is a vibrant 3-D virtual world bursting with energy, and wacky characters, and is a free game for all kids to enjoy. By registering a secret code from an Amazing World plush toy or figure, kids will bring their favorite characters to life and then receive exclusive prizes. Players can choose both 5-1/2\" plush characters and squishy 2-1/4\" figures, both in the same vibrant colors and designs of this exciting 3-D play site. Registering a toy awards the player a virtual version of the toy for in-game play, a virtual unique item designed to match the style of the character, and a randomly selected in-game item, not available any other way. Visit the site, wander through a kaleidoscope of colorful settings, make new friends, and play hundreds of challenges and quests. Explore fantastic zones as you accept challenges. Win, and bring great prizes back to your home zone to create your own Amazing World™ Home Zone. Design, chat, and collect rare prizes. With both colorful plush toys and figures, there are lots of product choices for fans.