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Dr. Toy's Best 2013[Browse other products in this catalog]Crunch a Color Conversation StartersAge Range3y - 12yPrice$12.95PhoneIntroduction2012TypesCard Game, Cultural, Educational Skills, Game, Green Product, Socially Responsible

Crunch a Color® Conversation Starters brings the whole family together at mealtime by inspiring creative thinking and healthy discussions. Chock-full of curious questions and delightful dilemmas, these 104 conversation starters help kids share their thoughts, grow their ideas, and make mealtime fun. Developed with teachers, parents and kids, Crunch a Color® Conversation Starters spark interesting, open-ended discussions that are engaging for kids (and adults) of all ages.

The game can be played on its own, or with Crunch a Color®: The Healthy Eating Game, to earn bonus points for starting a conversation at the dinner table. The questions are also great for class discussions, games night, story starters, and lunch box notes. Children who regularly eat dinner with their families (along with good sleep and limited TV watching) are 40% less likely to be obese, according to a study in Pediatrics. Crunch a Color® Conversation Starters makes it fun and easy for families to gather together for quality time at the family dinner table.