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Dr. Toy's Best 2013[Browse other products in this catalog]Baffle!Age Range8y - 12yPrice$29.99PhoneIntroduction2009TypesBoard Game, Digital Disc, Educational Skills, Game, Math, Multimedia, Other, Puzzle, Science

Baffle!, a unique brain teaser board game and CD-Rom, is fun to play, challenging, and educational. It teaches math problem solving, employing shapes and colors, not numbers. Although this is an engaging solo game, it is equally entertaining when played collaboratively among siblings, friends, parents, and children, in the classroom, or at family game nights. There is a competitive version that is challenging for up to four players. The board game has eight versions of play, with seven in the CD-Rom, which can be played on the computer at home or when traveling. There are 57,600 correct solutions to the basic game, giving it a long play life. The game is played on a 5” X 5” grid containing 25 squares. There are 25 game pieces, five geometric shapes in five colors. The object of the basic game is to place all 25 game pieces on the board so that only one of each shape and one of each color appears in any row, column, or corner-to-corner diagonal. Play by performing one of four actions: placing a game piece on an empty square, removing a game piece, swapping two pieces on the board, or swapping an unplayed piece with one already on the board. 60 cards with preset games are included that lead to correct solutions, making it easier for beginners or younger players. The game is more challenging played from a blank board. It’s best to have a strategy in mind when solving the game. Diane Hill, MEd, used a math exercise to teach elementary and middle school students problem solving and thinking skills. This was a great success and students loved the activity. After retiring, she thought the activity would have appeal outside the classroom and expanded the exercise, developing it into the game Baffle! as it exists today. The board game and CD-Rom versions employ educational challenges of strategy and logical and spatial reasoning (a skill used in sculpture, architecture, and the trades) in a fun way that were proven so successful in the classroom. Baffle! is manufactured in the USA.