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Dr. Toy's Best 2013[Browse other products in this catalog]Colorgami craft & activity kitsAge Range3y - 12yPrice$9.99PhoneIntroduction2012TypesEducational Skills, Game

Colorgami craft and activity kits provide children with their very own creations for play and display. Several themed sets include Space Adventure, The Red Carpet Fashion Series, and Alphabet Pop-Ups. Each kit includes markers and special sheets of perforated craft paper with pop-out characters, accessories, themed environments, and more. When the coloring is finished, the illustrations can be popped out, folded, and constructed into a three-dimensional scene allowing kids to play with and display their creations. Colorgami brings together the favorite pastimes of coloring and crafting in a single product that lets kids color, construct, play, and display their own customized creations. The activity stimulates creativity and helps with letter recognition while improving fine motor skill development.