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Dr Toy’s Tips on Outdoor Play


by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. – “Dr. Toy” Every day, weather permitting, children benefit from playing outside. Their fun outside involves a wide variety of play. Playtime outside depends upon where you live, access to parks or a safe yard and available supervision. Children need a wide range of activities for maximum growth. Children like to [...]

Wishbone: From Brainstorm to Contemporary Classic


Wishbone balance bikes were destined to be different from the start. The first prototype was sketched out and then lovingly handmade in the cramped bathroom of industrial designer and stay at home dad Richard Latham’s 20th floor New York City Apartment. Over the course of several weeks he snuck tools and lumber past the building’s [...]

Little Yoga Mat: Your Child’s Safe Zone


Jensen Wheeler Wolfe, a Manhattan mom and yoga instructor, was teaching a pre-K yoga class at her daughter’s school. Her pint size yoginis were doing some poses but also running amuck. She wanted to tame the chaos. She thought mats would help. That evening Jensen and her husband Gregory pulled out the extra mats she [...]

Curiositoys: Inspire Creative Play


Why Curiositoys? As an artist and designer, Dave Berglund understands that curiosity is essential to the creative process. That’s why his award-winning toys use three-dimensional shapes and open, white space to spark kids’ curiosity and inspire the creative play that’s essential to their healthy development. Children are naturally driven by their curiosity to explore, imagine [...]

The Journey Is Half The Fun!


Whoever said the journey is half the fun, must have shopped at TravelKiddy! Traveling with kids is always an adventure but keeping them busy on the journey is a challenge no parent should face alone. That’s where TravelKiddy can help! TravelKiddy has scoured the toy and game universe to bring you only the best games, [...]