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Dr. Toy's   Ten Best Lists   of   2017


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Dr. Toy's   10 Best Active Toys   of   2017

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Ezyroller LLCDexster ScooterAE   OP   TY   6y - 12y$
2.Kid O ProductsActivity BoardEL   ES   TC   TR   TY   6m - 3y$
3.MGA EntertainmentLittle Tikes Light 'n Go 3-in-1 Sports ZoneAE   EG   ES   FP   GE   HO   LA   MA   UN   1y - 3y$
4.ToysmithGet Outside, GO! BashmintonAE   OP   TY   5y - 12y$
5.Tucker ToysKite-A-PultAE   HO   OP   TY   6y - 12y$
6.Tucker ToysSlam N' BounceAE   OP   TY   5y - 12y$
7.VTech Electronics North America LLCPop-a-Ball™ Push & Pop Bulldozer™EL   ES   TC   TR   TY   UN   6m - 3y$
8.Wai Lana Productions LLCStretch 'n Play Eco Ball KitAE   EC   GN   NO   OP   SR   UN   3y - 12y$
9.Yvolution USA Inc.Strolly BikeAE   OP   TR   TS   TY   10m - 3y$
10.Yvolution USA Inc.Y Glider XL DeluxeAE   OP   TR   TS   TY   5y - 8y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Building/Construction Toys   of   2017

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Art's IdeasJenga XXL® Gigantic Cardboard Edition GameAE   BG   GE   OP   TY   WT   12y - 12y$
2.Build & Imagine LLCCreativity CastleCO   CP   DO   ES   FP   LA   MA   TY   UN   4y - 8y$
3.MGA EntertainmentLittle Tikes Waffle Blocks Steam TrainCO   EG   FP   GE   TR   TS   TY   2y - 12y$
4.Magnetykes LLCMagnetykesAE   ES   OP   SC   TY   4y - 12y$
5.MindWare, Inc.Q-BA-MAZE 2.0: Extreme RailsAE   CO   ES   MA   NO   SC   TY   UN   6y - 12y$
6.OWI Inc.Rookie Solar Racer v2CO   EC   ES   HO   SR   8y - 12y$
7.Spin Master LtdMeccano M.A.X.EL   ES   HM   MM   TC   10y - 12y$
8.Strictly Briks / Brian's ToysBrik Tower and StackersAE   CO   CP   ES   3y - 12y$
9.ToysmithSwivel-SnapsAE   CO   ES   NO   UN   6y - 12y$
10.VTech Electronics North America LLCGearZooz® Roll & Roar Animal Train™AE   ES   TY   18m - 4y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Creative Toys   of   2017

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Ann Williams GroupCraft-tastic Inspire Poster KitAC   CP   8y - 12y$
2.DuneCraftSea Saurus Pirate & FairyAE   CP   ES   HO   OP   SC   UN   3y - 12y$
3.Game Night in a Can LLCGame Night in a CanAE   CP   EC   GE   GN   SR   10y - 12y$
4.Lulu Jr.IlluStory - Create Your Own Book!AC   BO   CP   ES   4y - 12y$
5.MasterPieces Puzzle Co.Works of AhhhAC   CO   CP   HO   TY   WT   6y - 12y$
6.MindWare, Inc.Conduct Dough LightsAE   CP   CT   ES   LA   NO   OP   SC   SR   TC   TY   UN   5y - 12y$
7.MindWare, Inc.UNBORED: Time CapsuleAE   CP   CT   ES   LA   NO   OP   SR   TY   UN   8y - 12y$
8.SerabeenaSew Your Own PursesAC   CP   ES   TR   TY   4y - 8y$
9.Smart Toys and GamesSmartGames Jump In, SmartGames Jump InBG   ES   GE   LA   PZ   TR   TY   7y - 12y$
10.Wacky LinksWacky Links Connector SeriesAS   CO   CP   ES   HM   HO   ST   TR   TY   UN   3y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Educational Toys   of   2017

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Bigjigs Toys LtdMy First Fractions PuzzleAE   ES   MA   WT   3y - 12y$
2.DuneCraftWorld Within A World (Girl & Boy Version)AC   AS   CP   ES   HO   SC   UN   3y - 12y$
3.Griddly Games IncJust Add GlueAC   CP   ES   SC   TY   8y - 12y$
4.LeapFrog Enterprises IncLeapStart™ Learning SystemCP   EL   ES   FP   GE   MM   PZ   TC   TY   2y - 7y$
5.Maple Landmark IncLift and Learn Puzzle, Solar SystemES   PZ   SC   TY   WT   3y - 7y$
6.Math for LoveTiny Polka DotAE   CG   CP   ES   GE   MA   PZ   UN   3y - 10y$
7.MindWare, Inc.DIG IT UP! DISCOVERIES: Wild AnimalsAE   ES   LA   NO   OP   SC   TY   UN   4y - 12y$
8.OWI Inc.Captain ROAM-E-OAE   CO   CT   EC   ES   GN   HO   MA   OP   SC   SR   8y - 12y$
9.SmartLab ToysAftershock! Earthquake LabAE   BO   CO   ES   GG   SC   8y - 12y$
10.b. dazzle, inc.Scramble Squares® Frogs PuzzleAE   CG   ES   GE   GN   MA   NO   PZ   SR   TR   TY   UN   4y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Games   of   2017

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Ann Williams GroupYou DoCG   GE   6y - 12y$
2.Art's IdeasJenga® Ocean GameAE   BG   EC   GE   GN   SR   UN   8y - 12y$
3.Art's IdeasJenga® PREMIUM Hardwood GameAE   BG   GE   TY   WT   12y - 12y$
4.Art's IdeasJenga® Throw 'N Go!™ Hardwood GameAE   BG   GE   OP   8y - 12y$
5.Master Theorem GamesSnippetsBG   BO   CG   CP   ES   GE   LA   MM   12y - 12y$
6.Quirky Engine EntertainmentHoagieCG   CP   GE   TY   5y - 12y$
7.RoosterFin Inc.Ninja SquirrelsBG   CG   GE   UN   5y - 12y$
8.Tactic GamesWord RushBG   ES   GE   LA   TY   3y - 12y$
9.WannapleAnimal ActAE   BG   CG   CP   ES   FP   GE   LA   4y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   20 Best Gifts   of   2017

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Green Kids Club Inc.Pammee and the Looking PondAE   BO   CT   ES   GN   OP   PL   SR   TY   3y - 5y$
2.Green Piñata LLCGreen Piñata ToysBG   CG   ES   GE   GN   LA   MA   OR   PZ   SR   TY   WT   6m - 5y$
3.Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta MusicHunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta HITSAE   AT   CE   EC   ES   MM   TR   6m - 10y$
4.Linguacious LLCLinguacious® Around the Home Spanish Flashcard GameAT   CG   CT   GE   MM   SR   2y - 12y$
5.Lulu Jr.My Comic Book - Create Your Own Comic!AC   BO   CP   ES   4y - 12y$
6.MasterPieces Puzzle Co.Tetris Brain TeasersAC   CO   CP   ES   GE   MA   PZ   TY   6y - 12y$
7.Office OxygenSwingOsNO   TY   5y - 12y$
8.P.F. ShaggyRule Crazy, Starter EditionBG   CG   CT   ES   GE   LA   SR   UN   5y - 8y$
9.Quirky Engine EntertainmentEyeball BoxingCG   CP   GE   TY   UN   8y - 12y$
10.Spin Master LtdRusty Rivets Rivet Lab PlaysetES   FP   TY   3y - 12y$
11.Spin Master Ltd.PAW Patrol My Size Lookout TowerFP   TY   3y - 12y$
12.Star Kids ProductsSnack & Play Travel Tray 2.0AE   AS   CP   EQ   OP   TR   TY   UN   2y - 12y$
13.Strictly Briks / Brian's ToysAlphaBriks & MathBriksCP   ES   LA   MA   TY   3y - 12y$
14.Strictly Briks / Brian's ToysCreatorz & The CubeAE   CO   CP   ES   UN   8y - 12y$
15.Tactic GamesEmojitoBG   ES   GE   LA   TY   8y - 12y$
16.Taste 'n' TellDiscovering Vegetable with Veggie VoleBO   ES   GE   SR   UN   1y - 5y$24.0044 7787
17.Tucker ToysDisc Jock-eAE   CE   ML   MM   OP   TC   TY   6y - 12y$
18.Wacky LinksWacky Links Outer Space Glow-in-the-Dark SeriesAC   CO   CP   ES   LA   MA   SC   TR   TY   3y - 12y$
19.Wai Lana Productions LLCWai Lana's Little Yogis™ Fun Songs KitAE   AT   BO   CE   ES   GE   LA   MA   ML   3y - 12y$
20.smarTrikesmarTfold™AE   CP   EQ   TR   TS   TY   6m - 3y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Socially Responsible Toys   of   2017

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Boy Story LLCBoy Story Action DollsCT   DO   FP   SR   TY   UN   3y - 7y$
2.Elly Lu LLCNorman the Narwhal Plush & Hawaiian VacationBO   EC   ES   OR   PL   SR   TY   0 - 10y$
3.Green Kids Club IncThe African Bush Fire and the ElephantBO   ES   GN   SC   SR   5y - 9y$
4.Griddly Games Inc.Rocket LanderBG   ES   GE   MA   SC   TY   8y - 12y$
5.LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.LeapFrog Academy™EG   ES   GE   SR   TC   3y - 6y$
6.Love Smart Cards (Gift of My Heart)Love Smart CardsCG   CT   EQ   ES   FP   GE   LA   SR   UN   7y - 12y$
7.One World Play ProjectOne World FutbolAE   CT   OP   SR   TY   UN   6y - 12y$
8.Quirky Engine EntertainmentTrash WarCG   CP   GE   TY   UN   10y - 12y$
9.Tactic GamesSome Bunny's HidingBG   ES   GE   TY   3y - 12y$
10.Taste 'n' TellDiscovering Fruit with Holly HoneybeeBO   ES   GE   SR   UN   1y - 5y$24.0044 7787

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Technology Toys   of   2017

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.EPIK Learning CompanyHighQ Learning Tab 8ES   GE   MM   TC   TY   4y - 12y$
2.Eastcolight (Hong Kong) LimitedMagic Instrument - Piano SetEG   EL   ES   GE   ML   TC   8y - 12y$
3.Fibre-CraftDabitZAC   CP   HM   MM   UN   6y - 12y$
4.MGA EntertainmentProject Mc2 Pixel PurseDO   FP   TY   6y - 12y$
5.NSI International IncWubble BriteAE   CP   EQ   OP   TY   UN   6y - 12y$
6.Piper Inc.Piper Computer KitCP   EG   EL   ES   GE   SC   TC   8y - 12y$
7.Pixl Toys IncPixlplay CameraAE   EL   ES   MA   MM   OP   TC   3y - 12y$
8.Spin Master Ltd.LuvabellaDO   EL   ES   FP   LA   TC   TY   4y - 12y$
9.Storey Publishing LLCJournal SparksAE   BO   CP   ES   10y - 12y$
10.Toymail IncToymail TalkiesAE   ES   FP   PL   SW   TC   TY   3y - 8y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Toys   of   2017

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Fibre-CraftMy SistieDO   FP   PL   TY   UN   2y - 12y$
2.Folkmanis Inc.Folkmanis® Monarch Life Cycle PuppetAE   ES   FP   OP   OT   PL   PU   SC   TY   3y - 12y$
3.LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart™AE   CP   EL   ES   FP   LA   TC   TY   2y - 10y$
4.MGA EntertainmentBaby Born Interactive DollDO   FP   TY   2y - 5y$
5.OOZ & OZMorph-O-Scopes Sports of All Sorts KitCP   ES   SC   TY   UN   5y - 12y$
6.Rubbabu LLCCleanupper the DumptruckAE   EC   GN   SR   TR   TS   TY   3m - 5y$
7.Schoenhut Piano Co. Inc.18 Key Mini GrandML   3y - 6y$
8.Science Wiz® CompanyScienceWiz Cells Under a MicroscopeAE   BO   EQ   ES   IN   MM   SC   8y - 12y$
9.Tangle CreationsZURU TangleES   NO   PZ   TY   3y - 12y$
10.VTech Electronics North America LLCGo! Go! Smart Wheels® Race & Play Adventure Park™AE   ES   TY   1y - 4y$

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