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Dr. Toy's   Ten Best Lists   of   2016


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Dr. Toy's   10 Best Toys   of   2016

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Ateliers19BizibotsAC   CP   GN   WT   7y - 12y$
2.CelebriDucksGood DuckAE   BA   GN   OP   0 - 12y$
3.DT Learning ProductsSensory SightsTY   0 - 2y$
4.Folkmanis Inc.Folkmanis® Monarch Life Cycle PuppetAE   FP   PU   SC   3y - 12y$
5.Manhattan Toy CompanyWinkel™NO   TR   TY   UN   0 - 1y$
6.OWI Inc.Hydraulic Arm EdgeCO   ES   SA   TC   10y - 12y$
7.Schoenhut Piano Co., Inc.18 Key Mini GrandAE   CP   ML   TY   3y - 12y$
8.Toy StateRoad Rippers Dino Hauler™AE   CH   TS   TY   3y - 12y$
9.Tucker ToysE-Z Grip BallsAE   TY   2y - 12y$
10.Yvolution USA Inc.NEON Street RollersAE   OP   TS   TY   6y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Socially Responsible Toys   of   2016

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Epic Creations Inc.Epic!BO   IN   LA   SR   0 - 12y$
2.Green Kids Club Inc.Shark and the VolcanoBO   EC   ES   SR   4y - 10y$
3.Green Toys Inc.Rescue Boat & HelicopterBA   EC   GN   TY   2y - 6y$
4.Le Toy VanTV292 Doctor's SetOT   UN   3y - 7y$50.00+44 (0) 20 8979
5.Office OxygenLoopeezCH   CT   NO   SR   UN   3y - 12y$
6.Teeth Fairies, Inc.Teeth Fairies: A Baby Teeth TraditionBO   ES   FP   PL   4y - 12y$
7.The Doll KindFair DollCT   DO   FP   SR   3y - 12y$
8.The MoodstersMoodster Feelings FlashlightBO   ID   OP   TY   1y+6m - 7y$
9.UnitedHealthcare Children's FoundationDigit'Y DoCH   GE   ID   SR   8y - 12y$
10.Wild RepublicCreations JewelryAS   NO   SC   SR   3y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   20 Best Gifts   of   2016

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Adora DollsAdora Baby FairyTY   0 - 12y$
2.Baby Jack and CompanyBaby Jack Sensory Learning LoveyES   LA   MA   PL   3y - 5y$
3.Brybelly Holdings Inc.Story Time Dice: Scary TalesBO   FP   GE   LA   6y - 12y$
4.DT Learning ProductsHide Inside CottageTY   9m - 3y$
5.DT Learning ProductsSchool House Play TentCH   FP   3y - 10y$
6.EQtainmentQ-Time BuddyES   ID   PL   TY   0 - 5y$
7.Hide and Seek LLCHide and Seek Interactive PlushBO   ES   GE   MM   1y - 5y$
8.Horizon Group USA, Inc.ThinkBox Forensic ScienceAE   HO   SA   SC   8y - 12y$
9.Kid O ProductsMyland HouseboatBA   SA   TC   UN   2y - 12y$
10.Not Parent ApprovedNot Parent ApprovedCG   ID   LA   NO   8y - 12y$
11.Office OxygenGyrobiCH   CT   NO   SR   UN   3y - 12y$
12.Piper Inc.Piper Computer KitEG   ES   SA   TC   7y - 12y$
13.Preschool of RockMichael & Rockness MonstersCE   MM   2y - 9y$
14.Tactic Games USA Inc.ColorologyBG   CH   ES   TY   8y - 12y$
15.The MoodstersMoodster MeterBO   ID   OP   TY   1y+6m - 7y$
16.The MoodstersMoodster MirrorBO   ID   OP   TY   1y+6m - 7y$
17.Toy StateNikko RC Barbie™ Convertible R/CAE   CH   TS   TY   3y - 12y$
18.Two of a Kind Ltd.We're All In This TogetherAT   CE   DD   ML   MM   TC   3y - 10y$
19.USAOPOLYTelestrations® 8 Player: The OriginalBG   GE   1y - 12y$
20.Xtraordin Air ToysLumi-Niter® Disk KitAE   OP   PT   UN   7y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Games   of   2016

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Ann Williams GroupRubber Band GameAE   BG   GE   ID   8y - 12y$
2.Art's IdeasJenga® GIANT™ Family Hardwood GameAE   ES   GE   OP   6y - 12y$
3.Brain Games PublishingIce CoolBG   CH   GE   UN   6y - 12y$
4.Brybelly Holdings Inc.Story Time Dice: Fairy TalesBO   FP   GE   LA   6y - 12y$
5.Buffalo Games, Inc.Silly Street the GameBG   GE   4y - 8y$
6.EQtainmentQ's Race to the TopAE   CH   CT   GE   3y - 8y$
7.Griddly Games Inc.Just Add SunCF   CP   EC   SA   8y - 12y$
8.LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.LeapFrog Melody the Musical TurtleAE   ES   GE   ID   2y - 5y$
9.SimplyFunArchery DiceBG   ES   GE   7y - 12y$
10.Tactic Games USA Inc.We DetectivesCH   ES   GE   SR   7y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Educational Toys   of   2016

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.DuneCraftButterfly Glamour DomeCF   GN   SA   SC   8y - 12y$
2.LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.LeapFrog Count Along RegisterCP   ES   MA   SC   2y - 5y$
3.LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.LeapFrog LeapStartES   GG   LA   SA   2y - 7y$
4.Muu Aps - NewmeroThe Joy of NumbersES   GE   SA   SC   3y - 9y$53.00+45 2877
5.NSI International Inc.Smithsonian Planetarium ProjectorEL   HO   ID   SA   8y - 12y$
6.SmartNoggin, Inc.NogginRings Reaching & Grasping RingsES   TY   0 - 12y$
7.Square PandaSquare Panda Phonics PlaysetEG   ES   LA   TC   1y+6m - 8y$
8.SVANSvan S.S. Ahoy Surprise StackerCP   ES   PZ   WT   1y+6m - 5y$
9.Tactic Games USA IncBeanie Boos Domino GameCH   ES   GE   TY   4y - 12y$
10.VTech Electronics North America LLCTouch & Learn Activity Desk™ DeluxeEL   EQ   ES   TC   2y - 5y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Creative Toys   of   2016

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Alex BrandsALEX Toys Knot-a-QuiltAC   AS   CP   HM   8y - 12y$
2.Build & Imagine, LLCCareer DollsCP   DA   SA   SR   4y - 8y$
3.Horizon Group USA, Inc.Creatify@PlayhouseCP   DH   FP   WT   6y - 12y$
4.MGA EntertainmentProject Mc2 H2O RC CarCP   EL   SA   TC   6y - 12y$
5.MySelfie LLC dba BuppaLaPalooBuppaLaPalooCP   ES   PL   SR   2y - 7y$
6.SAVViBathtub Coloring KitAC   BA   CP   TY   3y - 6y$
7.Storey Publishing LLCFarmers Market Create-and-Play Activity Book: 100 Stickers + Games, Crafts & Fun!BO   CF   CP   FP   4y - 12y$
8.VTech Electronics North America LLCBizzy the Mix & Move Bot™CP   LA   ML   TC   2y - 5y$
9.Wild RepublicWild Republic HuggersCH   NO   PL   TY   3m - 8y$
10.Wonderhood LLCWonderhood Corner Shops - Creative Building SetCO   CP   ES   SA   5y - 10y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Children's Products   of   2016

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Amazing Toys Ltd.100+ Circuit ScienceCP   GE   SA   TC   8y - 12y$
2.Amazing Toys Ltd.Amazing Eco TenCO   CP   ES   GN   8y - 12y$
3.Ann Williams GroupKindness KitAE   CH   CP   6y - 12y$
4.EQtainmentQ's on the Go PackAE   CP   ES   GE   3y - 8y$
5.Golden Bell StudiosPretending to Grownup GameAE   CE   CG   CP   GE   MM   OP   12y - 12y$
6.Horizon Group USA, Inc.It's So Me Braid-tastic!AS   CF   CP   HM   6y - 9y$
7.Horizon Group USA, Inc.Kinetix Hidden Message Code BandsCF   CH   CP   SA   6y - 9y$
8.MGA EntertainmentTurtle SandboxAE   OP   1y - 6y$
9.NSI International Inc.3D Coin ArtCP   GG   HO   PZ   8y - 12y$
10.The Victoria Chart Co.Let's Eat Together PlacematAP   CE   CP   ES   MM   OT   SR   TY   3y - 12y$
11.Tucker ToysTrick Shot SportsAE   CP   TY   3y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Building Toys   of   2016

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Horizon Group USA, Inc.Kinetix Neon Light BoardCO   CP   EL   TC   6y - 9y$
2.LEGO Systems Inc.31050 Creator Corner DeliCO   TY   8y - 12y$
3.littleBits Electronics Inc.littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd EditionCO   EL   HO   SA   8y - 12y$
4.littleBits Electronics Inc.littleBits Rule Your RoomAE   CO   ES   SA   8y - 12y$
5.Luke's Toy FactoryEcoTruck Fire TruckCO   EC   GN   SR   3y - 6y$
6.Magformers, LLCWOW 16pc SetCO   ES   TY   3y - 12y$
7.MasterPieces Puzzle Co.Panoramic (NFL, NHL,MLB, NCAA) Stadium PuzzlesCO   EC   PZ   SR   10y - 12y$
8.Paper Trax ToysPaper Trax Super PackAE   CO   GN   SC   3y - 12y$
9.Quadro der GrossbaukastenQuadro UltimateAP   CO   EQ   OP   1y - 8y$599.99004940
10.Wonderhood LLCWonderhood Grand Hotel-Creative Building SetCO   CP   ES   SA   5y - 10y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Active   of   2016

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Kinderfeets LLCKinderfeets Tiny Tot BambooAE   GN   OP   SR   1y - 2y$
2.LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical MatAE   ES   ID   ML   2y - 5y$
3.MGA EntertainmentLittle Tikes Light 'n Go 3-in-1 Activity WalkerAE   CE   ML   TS   9m - 3y$
4.My Gnome on the RoamMy Gnome on the Roam Family Adventure KitAE   CR   ES   TR   3y - 12y$
5.NSI International Inc.Smithsonian Plasma BallEL   ES   MA   SA   8y - 12y$
6.NSI International Inc.Super WubbleAE   EQ   PT   TY   3y - 12y$
7.Schleich USA Inc.Riding Center with Rider, Horses and AccessoriesAE   CP   ID   NO   3y - 12y$
8.Toy StateNikko RC VelociTrax™AE   CH   TS   TY   8y - 12y$
9.TreePod Hanging Treehouses LLCHanging TreehousesAE   EQ   OP   6y - 12y$
10.VTech Electronics North America LLCGo! Go! Smart Friends® Enchanted Princess Palace™AE   DH   DO   FP   1y+6m - 5y$

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