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Dr. Toy's   Best Toy Picks   of   2015


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10 Best Lists


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#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.77SPARX Studio, Inc.Wonster Words - ABC, Phonics, & SpellingES   IN   LG   PZ   2y - 7y$
2.Adora DollsMixxie MopsieAC   CO   CP   DO   4y - 12y$
3.Banana Peel PressPINK TULIP + Toothless Keepsake KitBK   ES   NO   OT   3y - 9y$
4.Brightz, Ltd.Wheel BrightzAP   CP   OP   TS   8y - 12y$
5.CrayolaCrayola Color Wonder Light-Up StamperAC   AP   CP   HM   RS   3y - 12y$
6.CrayolaCrayola Crayon CarverAC   AP   CP   HM   6y - 12y$
7.CrayolaCrayola Thread WrapperAC   AP   CP   HM   8y - 12y$
8.Discover with Dr. CoolMoon Light - Remote Controlled Night LightES   SC   6y - 12y$
9.Discovery Toys / DT LearningMosaic Mysteries Heirloom EditionES   PZ   TY   WT   5y - 8y$
10.Discovery Toys / DT LearningMy Friend's PuzzleES   PZ   TY   WT   19m - 5y$
11.Dream FrenzDream FrenzPL   TY   3y - 12y$
12.EastcolightProfessional Human Torso SetES   SC   8y - 12y$
13.EdupressPete the Cat On-the-Go GamesCG   GE   3y - 12y$
14.Fashion AngelsPixel LoomAC   AD   CP   HO   8y - 12y$
15.FolkmanisFolkmanis® Collared Lizard PuppetPL   PU   TY   3y - 12y$
16.FolkmanisFolkmanis® Pelican PuppetFP   PL   PU   TY   3y - 12y$
17.FolkmanisFolkmanis® Winged Dragon PuppetFP   PL   PU   TY   3y - 12y$
18.Four Boys IndustriesThe Switch Witch and the Magic of SwitchcraftBG   ES   GE   3y - 12y$
19.Fundamentals ToysKiss Naturals DIY Bubble BathAC   BA   GN   SR   6y - 12y$
20.Fundamentals ToysKiss Naturals DIY Perfume KitAC   CP   HM   SC   6y - 12y$
21.GUNAMUNAGunapod Wearable BlanketAD   OT   TR   0 - 3y$
22.Galison/MudpuppyMythical Beasts Magnetic Build-ItAC   CP   FP   TR   8y - 12y$
23.Haywire GroupWorry EatersES   PL   SR   TY   3y - 12y$
24.Hide and SeekHide and Seek Interactive plushEL   GE   PL   TY   10m - 6y$
25.Horizon Group USA, Inc.Candy Cordtz On the Go Tattoo JewelryAC   AP   CP   OT   6y - 9y$
26.Horizon Group USA, Inc.Just My Style Alpha BeadsAC   AP   CP   OT   6y - 9y$
27.Horizon Group USA, Inc.Made by Me: Paint Your Own Glitter Plaster HorsesAC   AD   CP   FP   6y - 12y$
28.InRoad ToysThomas & Friends Track PlayTapeCO   FP   TS   3y - 12y$
29.Just PlayDoc McStuffins Take Care of Me LambieCE   MM   PL   TY   3y - 12y$
30.LeapFrogImagicard Paw PatrolCR   EG   ES   GE   MA   3y - 9y$
31.LeapFrogNumber Lovin' OvenDH   ES   MM   PZ   2y - 6y$
32.LeapFrogPlatinumCR   EL   ES   IN   3y - 9y$
33.LeapFrogWord WhammerAP   ES   GE   LG   4y - 8y$
34.Learning Circle KidsReader Bee and the First Story MarkerCP   ES   GE   MM   3y - 6y$
35.Learning Journey, Intnl.Learn with Me Sort and Learn AppleES   GE   LG   SR   2y - 6y$
36.Learning Journey, Intnl.Learning Journey InternationalAE   AP   OP   TY   3y - 8y$
37.MGA EntertainmentBratz Create-It-Yourself (C.I.Y) Fashion Set With DollAC   AD   CP   DO   5y - 12y$
38.MGA EntertainmentLil' Ocean Explorers™ 3-in-1 Adventure Course™AE   6m - 3y$
39.MGA EntertainmentProject Mc2 McKeyla McAlister and Lava Light ExperimentCP   DO   ES   SC   6y - 10y$
40.MGA EntertainmentStand 'N Dance StarfishAP   EQ   MM   9m - 3y$
41.Madame Alexander Doll CompanyMadame Alexander's Jazzberry Pink Pixie DoodleAC   CP   DO   TY   3y - 12y$
42.Madame Alexander Doll CompanyMadame Alexander's Little Sister BabblebabyDO   TY   3y - 12y$
43.Magformers LLCInspire 100Pc SetCO   TY   3y - 12y$
44.Magformers LLCUnique 44Pc SetCO   TY   3y - 12y$
45.Magformers LLCWalking Dinosaur 81Pc SetCO   TY   3y - 12y$
46.MindWareAnimal Trivia ChallengeBG   CE   ES   MM   7y - 12y$
47.MindWareMake Your Own Doggy Day CampAE   AP   CP   OP   8y - 12y$
48.MindWareUNBORED Treasure HuntAP   CE   CP   MM   8y - 12y$
49.My Happy PillowMy Happy PillowES   FP   LG   PL   2y - 10y$
50.Napa Valley Toys USANightBuddiesCT   PL   SR   TY   3y - 12y$
51.Paper PunkJewelry Fold-SquareAC   CO   CP   GN   6y - 12y$
52.Patch Products LLCOK to Wake!® Alarm Clock & Night-LightAD   CR   EL   MM   3y - 5y$
53.Smart Toys and GamesBuild & ConnectAE   CO   ES   3y - 12y$
54.SmartLab ToysDrop Zone Cargo Release GliderAE   CS   OP   TS   8y - 12y$
55.Snigglezoo EntertainmentSub ShopBG   ES   LG   MA   6y - 12y$
56.Star Kids ProductsSnack & Play 2.0AC   AP   EQ   TR   18m - 12y$
57.Tactic GamesBeanie Boos Friends GameBG   ES   GE   TY   3y - 12y$
58.TalkplacesPLYTBG   ES   GE   MA   4y - 12y$
59.Tonni-coTAG the Art GameAC   CP   ES   GE   7y - 12y$
60.Toy StateCat Buildin' Crew Roll 'N Go MachinesAE   OP   TS   TY   2y - 5y$
61.Toy StateRoad Rippers Dancing CarTS   TY   3y - 7y$
62.VTECHBaby Amaze Learn to Talk and Read Baby DollBK   DO   ES   LG   2y - 5y$
63.VTECHFlipsides Sandy's House & Ocean CruiserEG   ES   MM   TY   4y - 9y$
64.VTECHGo! Go! Smart Animals Grow & Learn FarmEL   ES   GE   MM   1y - 5y$
65.VTECHGo! Go! Smart Wheel Ultimate RC SpeedwayEG   ES   MM   TY   1y - 5y$
66.VTECHLil' Critters Roll & Discover BallAE   LG   ML   TY   6m - 2y$
67.VTECHLil' Critters Soothing Starlight HippoCE   ML   MM   PL   0 - 2y$
68.VTECHSit-to-Stand Alphabet TrainCR   EL   ES   TR   1y - 3y$
69.Wonder WorkshopDotCR   EL   ES   SC   5y - 12y$
70.ZIPIT Ltd.ZIPIT Monstar 3 Ring PouchCP   CR   IN   NO   6y - 12y$
71.ikikiikiki shoes with adjustable squeakerAE   CS   NO   OP   OT   8m - 5y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Active Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.B4 AdventurePlayzone-Fit Starter KitAE   AP   OT   TY   XA   2y - 8y$
2.Bigjigs ToysDinosaur Train SetFP   OT   TY   WT   XA   3y - 12y$
3.Diggin ActiveSlimeball DodgetagAE   GE   NO   OP   XA   6y - 12y$
4.ENLIVENZEFlipstir Puzzle - Level 2ES   PZ   TR   TY   XA   7y - 12y$
5.NSI International, Inc.WubbleXAE   XA   6y - 12y$
6.OribelPortaPlay Convertible Activity CenterES   5m - 5y$
7.Pacific Play TentsGalaxy Combo Junction W/ Glow in the Dark StarsAP   CP   FP   OP   XA   3y - 12y$
8.Tactic GamesMolkkyAE   GE   OP   WT   XA   6y - 12y$
9.Tubby Table ToysTubby TableAP   BA   CP   EQ   XA   1y+6m - 4y$
10.ZorbitzTwiddle-Fidget Toy & Shape MakerAP   CP   PZ   TY   XA   6y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Audio/DVD Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Happy Kids SongsHappy Kids SongsAC   AP   ES   MM   XD   4y - 8y$
2.Just PlayPeanuts Happy Dance SnoopyCE   MM   PL   TY   XD   3y - 12y$
3.MGA EntertainmentMini Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party Musical Cake PlaysetDH   DO   FP   ML   XD   4y - 10y$
4.Music TogetherHey, Diddle, Diddle - Music Together® Singalong StorybookAC   AP   BK   ES   XD   1y - 8y$
5.Music TogetherTwo Little Blackbirds - Music Together® Singalong StorybookAC   AP   BK   ML   XD   1y - 8y$
6.Red Note RecordsRed Grammer's Circle of Light: Songs for Bucket FillersCT   ML   MM   SR   XD   5y - 8y$
7.SleevelessLove is a JourneyCT   ML   MM   SR   XD   1m - 12y$
8.SleevelessNewborn, TooML   OT   XD   1m - 12y$
9.VTECHWrite & Learn Creative CenterCE   CP   ES   LG   XD   3y - 6y$
10.WhistlefritzSpanish for Kids: The Ultimate CollectionCT   ES   LG   ML   XD   1y - 7y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Building Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.BrackitzBrackitzCO   ES   MA   SC   XB   3y - 12y$
2.Build & ImagineFairytale TheaterCO   CP   DO   ES   FP   SR   WT   XB   4y - 8y$
3.Discovery Toys / DT LearningStacking OwlsCO   ES   TY   WT   XB   3y - 12y$
4.ITSPHUNITSPHUN Geometric Construction SetCO   CP   ES   MA   XB   5y - 12y$
5.IdentiToyIdentiToy Interactive BaseplateCE   CP   MM   TY   XB   4y - 12y$
6.ImagAbilityWEDGNETiXCO   CP   ES   TY   XB   5y - 12y$
7.LEGO Systems, Inc.My First PlayhouseCO   CP   ES   TY   XB   1y+6m - 5y$
8.Laser PegsSuper Copter 30 in 1AP   CO   CP   ES   XB   5y - 12y$
9.Lazy DogLight Stax 36 piece Classic SetCO   CP   ES   SC   XB   3y - 12y$
10.MindWarePattern Play 3DCO   CP   MA   PZ   XB   5y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Children's Products   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.4M Industrial Development, Ltd.Hover RacerCP   ES   NO   SC   XK   8y - 12y$
2.77SPARX StudioPuzzingo Kids Learning PuzzlesES   IN   LG   PZ   XK   1y+6m - 5y$
3.AdoraBabyTimeAE   DO   FP   XK   3y - 12y$
4.Ann Williams GroupCraft-tastic Yarn Tree KitAC   CP   XK   2y - 8y$
5.Fibre CraftBUtiful DollsDO   TY   XK   4m - 12y$
6.Green Kids Club, Inc.Grizzly Ghost BearBK   GN   SC   SR   XK   5y - 9y$
7.Griddly GamesJust Add MilkAC   CP   ES   SC   XK   5y - 12y$
8.Nina CharlesPumpkinheads Book SeriesBK   ES   SR   XK   3y - 6y$
9.Preschool Prep CompanyMeet the Math FactsBK   ES   MA   MM   XK   3y - 9y$
10.Purple PancakesSleeperHeroBK   DO   FP   MM   XK   3y - 7y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Creative Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.ColorformsColorformsAC   AP   CP   TR   XC   3y - 12y$
2.Crayola Cling CreatorCrayola Cling CreatorAC   AP   CP   HM   XC   8y - 12y$
3.EdupressExploring Nonfiction CardsES   LG   XC   7y - 11y$
4.Galison/MudpuppyForest Friends Paper Bag Craft KitAC   AP   CP   SR   XC   4y - 12y$
5.Grow'n Up, Ltd.Qwikflip 2-Sided Glow EaselAC   EP   ES   XC   4y - 12y$
6.Horizon Group USAJust My Style Personalized Bracelet MakerAC   AP   CP   OT   XC   6y - 9y$
7.Luca and CompanyLuca and Company IVI 3D Play RugsCO   CP   DH   ES   XC   0 - 7y$150.00310-623-7370https//
8.Pegasus Toy-KraftShadow TheaterAP   ES   FP   PZ   XC   4y - 12y$
9.Write Brain WorldWRiTE BRAiN PUBLiSHED AUTHOR'S KiTCP   CR   ES   LG   XC   5y - 14y$
10.ZingStikBotCE   CR   ES   IN   XC   4y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Educational Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Discover with Dr. CoolRock Tumbler - Pro SeriesES   GE   PZ   SC   XE   6y - 12y$
2.Discovery Toys / DT LearningHeartbeat M.D.ES   FP   TY   WT   XE   3y - 10y$
3.Eastcolight375 Power 50mm Wide Angle HD Sport MicroscopeCR   ES   MM   SC   XE   8y - 12y$
4.Fun with CircuitsFun with Circuits - Adventure with darkness and moreBK   EL   ES   SC   XE   5y - 10y$
5.MGA EntertainmentUltimate Lab KitCP   ES   SC   TY   XE   6y - 10y$
6.Math for LovePrime ClimbBG   ES   GE   MA   XE   10y - 12y$
7.Mightverse¡Dígame! Spanish Learning Card GameAP   BG   ES   SR   XE   8y - 12y$
8.OWI Inc.Kingii Dragon RobotCO   EG   ES   MM   XE   0 - 7y$
9.Sound For LifeForBrainEQ   ES   LG   OT   XE   3y - 12y$
10.Yellow ScopeFoundation Chemistry KitCP   EQ   ES   SC   XE   8y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Games   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Blue Orange GamesSuper Genius - First WordsCG   ES   GE   MA   XG   5y - 12y$
2.Brybelly HoldingsStory Time DiceCP   ES   FP   GE   XG   6y - 12y$
3.EQtainmentQ's Race to the TopAP   ES   GE   SR   XG   3y - 7y$
4.FoxMind Toys & GamesMaze RacersBG   CO   CP   PZ   XG   8y - 12y$
5.Funnybone ToysJuxtaboBG   CG   ES   PZ   XG   8y - 12y$
6.GameWhysmOreCG   ES   GE   SR   XG   10y - 12y$
7.Goldbrick GamesSkoshBG   GE   XG   10y - 12y$
8.LearningPlungeGeoPlungeCG   ES   GE   XG   5y - 12y$
9.Lee & Low BooksCompound It All!ES   GE   LG   PZ   XG   9y - 12y$
10.Miniland EducationalEmotiblocksCO   CP   LG   NO   XG   2y - 6y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Socially Responsible Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.DuneCraftThe Ultimate HabitatCP   GN   SC   SR   XS   3y - 12y$29.99800-306-4168
2.Fashion AngelsGarbage to Glam UpcyclingAC   AD   GN   SR   XS   8y - 12y$
3.Green Toys, Inc.Sport BoatsAE   BA   GN   SR   TY   XS   2y - 12y$
4.KidstirKidstirAP   CE   ES   SR   XS   5y - 10y$
5.Music TogetherMr. Rabbit - Music Together® Singalong StorybookAC   BK   ES   ML   SR   XS   1y - 8y$
6.Patch ProductsChrono BombAE   AP   EG   ES   SR   XS   7y - 12y$
7.Resonance HouseDigging Deep - A Journal For Young People Facing Health ChallengesBK   ES   SR   XS   10y - 12y$
8.SmartLab ToysGirls Only Secret Message LabBK   CP   ES   SC   SR   XS   7y - 12y$
9.Snigglezoo EntertainmentJoe the Monkey and Friends Learn About Spending SmartBK   CT   ES   SR   XS   2y - 10y$
10.Whole Wide World ToysWorld Village Playset - ChinaCT   ES   LG   SR   TR   XR   4y - 10y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Technology Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Future of PlayLuv'n Learn FriendsEG   ES   MM   PL   XI   3y - 7y$
2.Irish Fairy DoorIrish Fairy DoorCP   ES   FP   WT   XI   2y - 10y$
3.LeapFrogEpicCR   EL   ES   IN   XI   3y - 9y$
4.LeapFrogScout's Build & Discover Tool SetCO   ES   MA   TY   XI   2y - 5y$
5.Learning Circle KidsReader Bee and The Story TreeCP   ES   GE   MM   XI   3y - 6y$
6.LightUpLightUp Tesla Kit (Bluetooth Edition)CO   CR   EL   IN   XI   8y - 12y$
7.VTECHKidizoom Action CamMM   OP   TR   XI   4y - 9y$
8.VTECHKidizoom Smartwatch DXCP   EG   ES   OP   XI   4y - 9y$
9.Wonder WorkshopDashCR   EL   ES   SC   XI   5y - 12y$
10.WowWee USAR.E.V. Robotic Enhanced VehiclesCR   EG   GE   MM   XI   8y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Toys   of   2015

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Chronicle BooksSteam Train Dream Train PuzzleES   PZ   TY   XT   3y - 6y$
2.Corolle DollsMon Premier Bebe Calin Christmas TalesDO   FP   TY   XT   1y+6m - 3y$
3.FolkmanisFolkmanis® Mountain Lion Cub PuppetPL   PU   TY   XT   3y - 12y$
4.Ikonic ToysWooden Race TrackCO   TR   TY   WT   XT   3y - 8y$
5.Learning Journey, Intnl.Techno Gears Marble Mania ZoomerangCO   ES   SC   TY   XT   6y - 12y$
6.Madame Alexander Doll CompanyNewborn Nursery 19DO   TY   XT   3y - 12y$
7.MagformersWalking Robot 45Pc SetCO   TY   XT   3y - 12y$
8.RubbabuAnimal PuppetsCP   GN   LG   PU   XT   10m - 5y$
9.SnappetsSnappets: DinosaursAC   ES   OP   TY   XT   5y - 12y$
10.Toy StateNikko VaporizR 2AE   CR   OP   TR   XT   7y - 11y$

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