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Conduct Dough Lights

MindWare, Inc. -

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Age range   5 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE -- Active   CP -- Creative Product   CT -- Cultural   ES -- Educational Skills   LA -- Language   NO -- Novelty   OP -- Outdoor Play   SC -- Science   SR -- Socially Responsible   TC -- Technology   TY -- Toy   UN -- Unique  

Electricity is what makes our lights, phones, computers and other devices work. In order for electricity to power these devices, it needs a path to flow through, called a circuit. Conduct Dough Lights, a safe and non-toxic activity, includes a battery-powered design station, 8 two-sided pattern cards, ready-to-use conductive dough and non-conductive clay, dough cutter, and 8 custom engineered LEDs for preschoolers to learn about circuitry through different activities including how to create a simple circuit, a short circuit, a series circuit, a parallel circuit, and more.

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