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Animal Act

Wannaple -

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Age range   4 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE -- Active   BG -- Board Game   CG -- Card Game   CP -- Creative Product   ES -- Educational Skills   FP -- Fantasy Play   GE -- Game   LA -- Language  

Animal Act creatively combines verbal and physical communication in a game that celebrates and fosters bravery, creativity, and results in plenty of giggles. Kids will flex their creative muscles in new ways of expression and movement. Break-a-leg! Roll the die and choose your path - where you will sing, act, mime or guess your way to greatness! Object of the Game - move around the board acting, singing, miming and guessing to be the first player to fill their playbill and win! Stand up, take a bow! Act 1: roll the die, move and draw a card. Will you act, sing, mime or guess your way to greatness? If the audience guesses your card correctly, take a ticket for your playbill! Act 2: strategically move around the board acting, singing, miming and guessing to fill your playbill. Act 3: fill your playbill first and win! (both the game and valuable life skills like confidence) Bravo! Game Contents - 1 puzzle game board, 25 animal cards, 25 action cards, 4 sturdy game pieces, 4 playbills, 24 tokens, 1 cloth storage bag, a timer and a die. Instructions for ages 4 and up and for 2+ players. Created by Wannaplé, the makers of Silly Street, and manufactured and distributed by Buffalo Games.

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