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Dr. Toy Joins EcoLogo Team’s Advisory Committee

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PHILADELPHIA Jan. 25, 2010 – What do Dr. Toy, Edward Schmults, former CEO of FAO Schwarz, and a large toy retailer have in common? These industry experts are all interested in making “greener” toys available for children. The EcoLogo Team’s Advisory Committee is pleased to report that progress on the Program’s first standard for Toys is well underway. Meeting for the first time on January 7, 2010, the Advisory Committee for the EcoLogo Toy Standard shared insights and discussed the types of toys that will be included in this standard. “We anticipate the first draft of this standard will be released in March 2010 for public comment and are looking forward to the feedback we will receive,” says Scot Case, Executive Director of the EcoLogo Program.

Members of the Toy Standard Advisory Committee include: Dr. Stevanne Auerbach (also known as “Dr. Toy”); Henning Bloech, Executive Director of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute; Katie Broughton, Mechanical Engineer and Consultant; Christopher Gavigan, CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World; Jeff Gearhart, Research Director at Ecology Center; Diane Hart, Elementary School Teacher and new parent; Garth Hickle, Product Stewardship Team Leader at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Edward M. Schmults; and more. The full list is available on

“I am proud to be working with such dedicated and knowledgeable experts on this new standard for the EcoLogo Program that will mean greener, safer toys for children,” says Dr. Auerbach. A comment report has been compiled from the discussion document and is now available on the EcoLogo website:, under Standards in Development or Review.

This standards development process is being supported by Dr. Sally Edwards, Director of the Sustainable Children’s Products Initiative at the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production (University of Massachusetts, Lowell) and staff at the University of Tennessee Center for Clean Products, leaders in the development of environmental product and material standards. Questions about the comment report should be directed to the EcoLogo Program by sending an email to Katherine Stewart at:, or calling: (800) 478-0399 or (613) 247-1900 ext. 231.

About EcoLogo™:
EcoLogo is a third-party, multi-attribute eco-labeling program approved by the Global Ecolabelling Network, an international association of eco-labeling programs, as meeting the ISO 14024 standard. Originally formed in 1988 by the Canadian Federal Government, EcoLogo is now one of the most recognizable eco-labels in North America. For more information, visit

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